If you put your thinking cap on I think you too could make a list of what you think record, publisher or any type of investor will want to see before they will invest their time and money in you and your music career.

Here are 5 items you can work on right now!

1)Awards and Credits.

Any type of accolades will get you noticed by the public but music awards and credits will show an industry person that you have accomplished more when you are recognized by another organization.

Start thinking about any new markets that can highlight your music. How about providing music that opens a popular podcast, maybe you have a nature song for a National Geographic show, or do you have a coffee drinking song that a neighborhood coffeeshop can feature on their business website or maybe supply a postcard by the register that has a free QR code on it that lets the person listen to the song right from their phone. Do a have a pop-punk song that can be performed to a skateboard competition?   Besides getting your songs on a popular TV show and Netflix shows, you can connect to alternative areas where people will love your music… like music for an indie student movie, a local advertisement or radio bumper. These are all credits, and unique credits, that you can tout to both industry and press.

2)Connecting to the Community.

Is there something you can do for your immediate community or a charity close to your heart? Maybe sing at a COVID test center or outside a Veterans or senior center? Volunteer at an elementary school food bank that is providing food for their students? Can you write or donate a song and share that story (i.e. for your sister with diabetes or your Aunt who just had a pacemaker installed)?

When you connect your heart mission with your music mission and have a real story of why you are part of these programs, you will find that especially local press and TV will consider doing a feature on you and your music. Even connecting your heartfelt story, with only one of the 5 songs on your new EP, will get you the reviews you need to get attention from industry and fans alike. As social media guru Rick Barker recommends: Post & Present with Purpose!

3)Social Media Interaction

Especially during these COVID times, so many people are looking for new music and watching online live concerts. You really have to jump into social media and start doing things that attract fans to your postings. The best way, to connect with the person who liked a post or gives a comment, is to comment back and ask a question. It takes about 3 to 5 interactions back and forth before someone thinks of you as a friend. That personal attention can turn those interactions into a real fan. We call that ‘The Power of One.” 

As a past crazy fan, yes, I would drive 4 hours to see a band do a one hour concert, drive 4 hours home and still go to work, on time, the next day. Also, if you convinced me your show was something to see, I would tell all my friends (or today share the song or video) with all of my own personal friends. I would end up be the leader of the caravan to see my most favorite bands. I didn’t realize it, but today, I would be called an “Influencer.” Connect to one person who feels connected to you and your music and it could lead to starting your own fan club (or what we now call a street team).

4)Offer VIP merch, tickets or prizes to frequent fans.

Think OUT OF THE BOX! Let’s face it, people love FREE stuff! Take a look at your songs, do any of them have a theme…like…

  • Sunshine (sunglasses give-a-way), 
  • Is there some tooting in your song (guys and girls love Kazoos) 
  • Or do a contest and the top 10 winners get to have a zoom Sunday breakfast with the band while the act performs a few of your songs acoustically. 
  • Maybe even do a zoom concert and pick 5 or 10 of your biggest fans, giving them a VIP package with all your merch items, in exchange for convincing at least 10 of their friends to come to show. 
  • One more. Are you big on Instagram? Ask your followers to tell them their birthday, and then leave them an IG verbal Happy Birthday message. Now that is personal! 

Grow your fanbase and industry will have to sit up and take notice.

5)Have your own website.

Here I go again suggesting this one more time! Get your own website and domain name! How can any one find you if you don’t own and operate with a specific name? Nothing looks more professional for you to have a full website with a bio, music, videos, tour & gig information, maybe some press recommendations and connections to all your social media networks.

 If your bio is short and you only have a few songs, at least start a bandcamp or reverbnation and remember to make sure you can connect to your most active social media platform. It is much easier than you think to do a simple website. Jump in; you will be glad you did!

Hey, everyone needs to start somewhere. This is your time to start the New Year right. If you really feel your music is worth industry attention, keep doing unique activities and OPERATE LIKE NOBODY IS WATCHING. If you are gaining fans and media exposure, the music professional cannot ignore the activities happening around your music!

If you need help trying to execute any of our ideas above, drop us an email. We have industry mentors that can get you moving forward into your music career. Email us at MusicBizMentors@gmail.com.