Music Mission


thecoolschool for music business studies” was founded by Kenny Kerner and Chris Fletcher who together had over 75 years of hands-on industry experience in booking, personal management, music journalism, artist development, touring and career counseling.

“The Fletcher/Kerner mission: to provide music business education, for an affordable price, that provides step by step guidelines on how to make money with your music.”

We understand that, as musicians, most of you are just launching your music careers, and there is a lot of information out on the internet that can help you put your business together. We also found that there are people who are not delivering the answers you need to move your career forward. You are all at different levels of your career and you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on music conferences or school programs that are not answering your specific questions. That is why we started these “low cost” programs.

You only attend the workshops you need, NOT requiring you to attend the ones you are not ready for OR the ones you already have conquered.


“thecoolschool’ music business workshops and panels started in February 2014 where we hosted 2 workshops a month for 2 years. In 2016 we are launching, not only a name change, but we will introduce 8 Music Mentors who will be doing group workshops, will join our MEET THE MENTOR Networking events in May & July and will be available for one-on-one mentoring. Also NEW! We hope to introduce an annual Music Business event that will include a full day of Industry panels with a 2 night music festival late in 2016.

The Music Business Industry professionals that have joined us, were chosen because they work with musicians at all levels and truly deliver the information you need to move forward in your career. With the help of a growing promotional team, our goal is to double the number of Music Mentors and music business networking opportunities in the next few years.

We believe in effective music industry professionals….We Believe in helping guide music careers to success….and…We Believe that music can change attitudes, grow unity and truly change the world!


Musicians and New Music Industry Professionals are our audience.

There are thousands of musicians, just in our home city of Los Angeles, who just need the guidance on how to get their music out to potential fans. Our music students are mostly beginning musicians & bands who are recording their own music and acting as their own managers and marketing teams, who just need the guidance to help accomplish each step of their music projects.

Our company is committed to helping you with time management, finding money to record & video those projects and making an effective local performance plan.

As our musician’s advance, they need guidance on attracting audiences through social media and how to pitch to press for reviews so they can put together an effective online presence. We have watched as our music students have come to us for advanced studies on how to plan their first tour or even getting song placements in TV & Films.

We are here for you every step of the way!

Also, we started a mentor program because sometimes you just need specific guidance RIGHT NOW on if you are you doing something right….like developing your own contracts, copyrighting your songs, setting up & staying active on social media or needing a experienced eye to help you get unstuck. There are many people wanting to manage their first band or start their own entertainment company…we have mentors to help with your growth in becoming a new music industry professional.

(See our INDUSTRY MENTORS page for details)


Whether you decide to come for a workshop, connect with a music biz mentor or be part of our panel & music events, the real goal is for you to meet other musicians where you can network with each other. Learn from each other. Support each other’s music. AND ….Find a supportive network of music friends and industry professionals who will definitely help your music career grow tenfold!