Musicians Share Their Career Stories and Share Advice

Successful musicians share how they developed their music talent to support their lives doing music!

We are all encouraged by hearing the passion and all the work it takes to make a living doing music. This panel of experienced musicians, tell their honest career stories and what propelled them to “do only musical jobs” for a living.

Harold Payne is a multi-platinum songwriter who consistently performs more than 200 dates a year. He has written songs literally from Peter Paul and Mary to Snoop Dogg. His special gift is improvising “on the spot” songs from the audience and creating custom “one of a kind” songs for celebrities and special events.
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Gerald White currently serves as Local and National SAG/AFTRA Singer Committee Chair. He has sung on over 200 commercial, TV and film productions and runs a vocal studio in Santa Monica, CA. Gerald also runs a sight singing program helping singers to read music to further enhance their ability to work in the music field.
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Here is your chance to get some direction on songwriting & placements, perfecting uniqueness that people want to hire and what kind of music jobs fill your purpose while supporting your everyday life.